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by Kansas Registered Agent LLC

Kansas Registered Agent Service

Registered Agent Service for $49/Year

Get Business Done Fast

Kansas pioneered eGovernment in 1990 by becoming the first state to allow online access to state, county, and local government information and services. The State realized that people wanted to get their business done online and get it done fast.

Here at Kansas Registered Agent Service, we know that’s true. That’s why we’ve designed a cutting-edge online filing system that get your business filings done faster than anyone else. It’s why our business management system makes sure you’re notified about any official paperwork that enters our office within minutes of its arrival. That’s our promise: your business needs, met quickly, efficiently, correctly, the first time.

With our system:

  • Your documents are uploaded immediately and can be seen in real-time, minutes after they enter our registered office
  • You are notified across multiple media to ensure that you are contacted and actually view your documents
  • You receive regular reminders well in advance of deadlines so that you remain compliant

A Dedicated, Local Registered Office

When you hire Kansas Registered Agent Service, you’re not signing with a mega-conglomerate corporation. Many of our clients do just that and later find it’s hard to get personal service or fair prices out of those companies.

We run a local office registered right here in Wichita. We’re native Kansans and proud of it. If there’s one thing we know, it’s Kansas business, how it’s done and how to do it right. We offer the best service possible at a reasonable price. We treat our clients with the respect they deserve. Our job is to make your life easier.

On top of expert customer support, we offer a wide range of business resources, including business formation and online business presence services. We can help form your LLC or corporation and give you all the tools to get your business online, including a domain name, website, and email. We’ve even got phone service so can keep your personal number private.

You’ll find all kinds of filing tips and guides in your online account, and our business filing experts can be reached by phone every day. You won’t talk to a machine when you call, and you won’t be on hold for hours.

Our Promise

The best registered agent service at the best rate: only $49 per year.

What’s the Difference Between a Kansas Registered Agent and a Kansas Resident Agent?

Nothing. There are multiple names for the same thing.

Why Am I Required to Have a Registered Agent?

State law (KA Corporate Code 17-6201 and 17-6202) states that any entity wishing to conduct business within the state must hire a resident agent and maintain a registered office.

When an individual, company or agency sues your business, the service of process (legal notification of the lawsuit) is delivered to your registered agent. Official mail from the Secretary of State is also sent to your resident agent.

What Are the Duties of My Kansas Resident Agent?

As your resident agent, we:

  • Sign for service of process (legal notification of a lawsuit) on your behalf
  • Sign for official mail at our registered office from the Secretary of State on your behalf
  • Contact you immediately when your documents arrive
  • Send you all your documents after we sign for them
  • Maintain a registered office in Wichita, KS (registered physical address, not a PO Box)
  • Keep our office open during regular business hours to accept certified mail on your behalf

How Do I Change My Registered Agent to You?

Electronic Filing

You can access the Kansas Secretary of State website to change your resident agent online. You will need either your Business Entity name or your Business Entity ID Number.

There is a $30 filing fee. You can pay by Credit Card or E-Check.


You can print out a Change of Registered Office or Agent form (there are different forms for LLCs and Corporations) and fax it to the Secretary of State’s office.

There is an additional $20 fax filing fee (per document).

The Business Services Fax Number is: 785-296-4570.

Mail or In-Person

Don’t forget to include your filing fee ($35). You can pay with a Check or Money Order. Make checks payable to Kansas Secretary of State.

Processing generally takes two to three business days (assuming all documents are complete and properly filled out).

Should I Hire a Registered Agent Now Or After I Form My Business?

Hire us now. The Kansas Secretary of State requires you to appoint a registered agent on your formation document. If you don’t list a registered agent, your business filing will be rejected.

What’s the Best Way to File My Formation Documents?

Online Filing

You can file formation documents through the new online portal: KanAccess. You will need to set up a KanAccess account to do the filing.

Note: KanAccess is different from Kansas Business Center. KanAccess is an updated single sign-on system which will allow you to access all Kansas Business Center online services and link all your services to a single account.

Online filings are processed immediately. You can pay for online filings by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and by E-Check.

Fax Filing

You can fax your documents to the Secretary of State. When you sign up with us, you will immediately have access to any document you need. Print and sign and fax.

Additional Fee: $20 for fax filing.

Secretary of State Fax Number: 785-296-4570

Kansas LLC: Articles of Organization ($165)

Kansas Corporation: Articles of Incorporation ($90)

Mail or Walk-In

You can mail your business formation documents to the Secretary of State. Please include your filing fees.

You can send a Check or Money Order made payable to Secretary of State.

To ensure faster processing, do not staple documents or attach your Check or Money order to any of your documents.

Kansas Mailing Information:

Kansas Office of the Secretary of State
Memorial Hall, 1st Floor
120 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66612-1594