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by Kansas Registered Agent LLC

Kansas Filing Tips

Kansas Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called a “resident” agent?

If you’re from another state, you are probably used to hearing us called a registered agent instead of a resident agent. Kansas still calls us a resident agent. Our address is not a “Residential” address though; we do this as a business. We’ve found that many of the other services that provide Kansas resident agent service do this out of a house. You can do a search of your potential resident agent’s address on google and often see a picture of the potential address you are about to list down.

We are in the business of Kansas Resident Agent services. This is not a side gig for us. If you’re listing a resident agent at a residential address, there’s no way you’re hiring someone that specializes in Kansas registered agent service.

What is the best way to file your corporation or LLC with Kansas?

We recommend faxing in your filing if you’re using a regular form to make your filing. Foreign entities must use the state provided forms. We provide these forms pre-populated with our Kansas resident agent information on them. If you’re forming a domestic Kansas LLC or Kansas corporation, you can file online. The link to the online filing is also in your online account with us. You basically quickly set up a user account, and then you can easily file online.